Soni Sunshine Snow 5-0 Sugarplum Spectacular — December 2021

It’s a very deep privilege for Hey Westminster to close out this year with an incredibly special project—the Soni Sunshine Snow 5-0 Sugarplum Spectacular Community Christmas Celebration! Created by our friend (and former HW trustee) Casey Davis, to honor and celebrate his wife Sonia Davis, we joined hundreds of their friends and neighbors on December 4th to revel in the season and to help sponsor a special scholarship for folks fighting cancer.

The joy and poignancy of the wintry event rang all the truer when Sonia said goodbye to her family just a few days later. At her celebration of life remembrance ceremony it was clear that her impact on our community and the testimony of her life was remarkable. We’re honored to have participated in acknowledging her Spectacular Sunshine in a small way.

In a year that has had equal parts joy and loss for so many, we’re grateful for each and every person in our community this holiday season. We join in celebrating Casey, Sonia, and their sustaining love for all, appreciating everyone we’ve had the chance to partner with this year to do awesome things. We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue to herald work all around us that truly matters–stories that are saturated with love and care, that speak hope in the midst of the bleakest of seasons.

Video by GLBAL Media.