The Infinite Love Project and their “Be Kind” signs are the January 2022 grant recipient for Hey Westminster! Photo credit: Justin Willet.

Congratulations to The Infinite Love Project! Their “Be Kind” signs initiative is the #HeyWestminster! grant recipient for January 2022.

If you live in Westminster, or the surrounding area, you’ve probably seen signs encouraging you to “Be Kind.” We have these affirmations thanks to Tina Thomas and Eric Hyde Miller of The Infinite Love Project. The pair have created over 4,000 signs and hung over 1,800 signs, according to Hyde Miller.

“Everything functions a little bit better when you’re around kind, empathetic people, and sometimes you just need a reminder — to see a sign,” say Thomas and Hyde Miller. A custom woodworker, Hyde Miller creates the “Be Kind” signs, attempting to use reclaimed and environmentally-friendly materials whenever possible.

The Infinite Love Project intends to use their Hey, Westminster! grant to provide opportunities for local students to paint “Be Kind” signs. These signs would then be displayed around the Westminster community, serving as “a community connector,” says Thomas.

You can learn more about The Infinite Love Project by visiting their website.

Congratulations to The Infinite Love Project. Thanks for making Westminster awesome!

Video by GLBAL Media.