Westminster Pride Festival—June 2021

Congratulations to the Westminster Pride Festival, #HEYWESTMINSTER grant recipient for June 2021!

Jason Garber and the Westminster Pride Festival, the June 2021 Hey Westminster grant recipient. Photo credit: Justin Willet

The Westminster Pride Festival is, according to the organization’s mission statement, “a yearly festival that includes information, support, music, art, food and overall acceptance and solidarity within the LGBTQ+ community, their allies and the Carroll County community.”

The Westminster Pride Festival is scheduled for July 10th in downtown Westminster. While last year’s event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 will mark the third annual event for Westminster Pride.

Congratulations, Westminster Pride! Thank you for making Westminster awesome!

Expanding Boundaries International — Kahlert Foundation Grant Recipient


Hey Westminster! is proud to announce a new $20,000 partnership with the Kahlert Foundation. A highly-respected philanthropic organization with deep local roots, the Kahlert Foundation will award grants to nonprofit applicants selected by the Hey Westminster! trustees over the coming year. 

The inaugural recipient of the partnership is Expanding Boundaries International, an educational nonprofit focused on connecting future leaders through technology and international education. Watch the video below to learn more about Expanding Boundaries and discover how they will use their $5,000 grant to link Carroll County students with opportunities around the world!

For consideration for a future Hey Westminster!/Kahlert Foundation funding opportunity, applicants must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and submit through heywestminster.com/apply. Projects should focus on doing new and exciting work in Westminster; education, healthcare, youth programs, veteran support, and human services are prioritized.

Video by GLBAL Media.

Rhythmic Rehab—May 2021

Congratulations to Rhythmic Rehab, #HEYWESTMINSTER grant recipient for May 2021!

Brandon Falk and Rhythmic Rehab, the May 2021 Hey Westminster grant recipient. Photo credit: Justin Willet

#RhythmicRehab utilizes the many therapeutic benefits of boxing and drumming in order to help individuals struggling with movement disorders and other disabilities to improve control of their minds and bodies.

Due to the COVID pandemic, Rhythmic Rehab provided portable punching bag stations, gloves, and TheraBands to participants and moved classes online. Rhythmic Rehab’s founder, Brandon Falk, started providing services at a gym in The Arc where he now serves people living with various cognitive and physical barriers. Families and caregivers of many participants have reported improvements in movement, thinking, and mood.

Congratulations to Rhythmic Rehab. Thank you for making Westminster awesome!

5×7 Underground—April 2021

Congratulations to 5×7 Underground for being selected as the #HeyWestminster grant recipient for April 2021.

5×7 Underground, the April 2021 Hey Westminster! grant recipient. Photo credit: Jenna Shriver.

A community of local artists, 5×7 Underground meets regularly to talk about and produce art, with a common theme for each gathering.

5×7 Underground will use their $1,000 grant to fund their community art initiative, #DrawWestminster5x7, slated to begin in summer 2021. Each week, 5×7 Underground will provide a drawing prompt “to encourage the Westminster community to observe, draw, experience, and share” the things that make our our town “a great place to live, work, and play.”

During the 14-weeks of the initiative, from June 5th to September 4th, community members will be encouraged to post their drawings to social media using the hashtag #DrawWestminster5x7.

5×7 Underground will use funds from their Hey Westminster! grant to purchase and give away 100 sketchbooks during the 2021 Carroll County Arts Council Art in the Park on June 5th. Visit the 5×7 Underground website for more information on how to receive your sketchbook.

Congratulations to the 5×7 Underground, and thank you for helping to make Westminster Awesome!

The Gateway School—March 2021

The Gateway School has been selected as the #HeyWestminster grant recipient for March 2021.

An alternative education option for students, The Gateway School will use their $1,000 grant from Hey Westminster to fund a remembrance and meditation garden. The remembrance garden, says Gateway School teacher David Herman, is designed “to pay tribute to students that we’ve lost here at Gateway and to also give our counselors a great tool to work with our students on mental health.”

Beyond providing an education, The Gateway School also seeks to provide students in need with meals and clothing donations. 

Congratulations to The Gateway School. Thanks for helping to make Westminster awesome!