Meet the Team


  • Chris Abell: “We have a town filled with amazing people and ideas; I want to help empower people in Westminster to follow their dreams. Together we can create awesomeness.”
  • Tony Acampa: “I am always inspired how our community pulls for one another. Each business or community leader is the other’s biggest fan.”
  • Josh Ambrose: “I believe in Westminster–and I believe in our future.”
  • Erin and Calvin Benevento: “We chose to live in Westminster because we love the community atmosphere and support for one another. The delicious Main Street cafes and restaurants are an added awesome bonus!”
  • Greg Blair
  • Casey Davis: “This has always been my home; I love this town and it has so much potential for good.  Westminster – where good works.”
  • Joe Dominick: “I moved to Westminster to go to college and never looked back. It’s the only place that has ever felt like home. I want to help give others that same feeling.”
  • Steve Lowe: “There are great businesses and great people in this town–and I want help make it more awesome.”
  • Daniel and Katie Schafer: “There’s so much to love about Westminster, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our town.”
  • Jason Stambaugh: “”I’m honored to serve as a trustee to support awesome people and projects in our community. Amazing things happen here. Come and see. If you want me to share a few stories, you can find me somewhere between McDaniel College and Center Street.”
  • Jeremy Willet: “I was born in Westminster and live on our 100 year old family farm. Our community is full of generous, hard-working, and loving neighbors, and I’m proud to call Westminster home.”
  • Justin Willet: “There’s an important story to be told about the entrepreneurs, businesses and people right here in Westminster.”
  • Benjamin Yingling
  • Jennifer Yang: “I fell in love the first time I visited Westminster. I moved here 2 years ago, and I’m very excited to see what more this community can do!”

How this works…

We all live here in the community. We keep it simple, we have fun, and we are dedicated to investing in our town to make it as awesome as possible.

Each month, we gather, pass the hat, and each trustee donates $100. As a group, we discuss and vote on projects we want to invest in.

And then we give $1,000 away.

Want to join us? Email for consideration.

Note: if you can’t afford $100/month, consider joining with a friend and splitting the donation.


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