Funded Projects

2022 Was an Awesome Year in Town!

Hey Westminster! Looking back on last year, we’re so proud of all the great work that our community is up to; it’s been a tremendous privilege to help highlight some of those stories

Over the past year, our team of trustees have shared nearly $20,000 in no-strings-attached support from private donations and our friends at the Kahlert Foundation, additional construction services from our friends at JFJ and Sons, invaluable mentorship/networking connections, and a whole ton of incredible video and photos from GLBL Media

Thanks for reading and watching those highlights of the tremendous creativity and energy here in town. Our Facebook reach extended to over 22.4k, Instagram reached thousands, and dozens of applications were reviewed and considered. 

As always, in this coming year, we want to continue to partner with you. Whether you’re a small business or a nonprofit, an individual or a team, we want to hear YOUR new, creative idea for making our place a great place to live. All ideas welcome–apply today! 

And finally, wanted to extend a special thank-you to our trustee, Tony Acampa, who will be helping lead our team in the months ahead. Many of you may know him from his work volunteering around town and working for Shelter Systems. Interested in joining him and the rest of the trustee network in giving to our community? Drop us a note.

ConectandoUs–recipient for December, 2022!

“ConectandoUs” is our December, 2022 winner from Hey Westminster! The organization is a registered nonprofit that provides the Hispanic community a foundation of connection that fosters an inclusive network of resources. They are currently operating with 4 programs and are launching new programs in the upcoming year.

Founder Diana Flores shares that “I am 19 years old and I started ConectandoUs. In addition to my work at ConectandoUs, I am also a peer mentor for Carroll County Kids for Equity, am a volunteer with RCIS, was on the NBC TODAY Show after receiving the recognition 2020 Student Champion of the Year on behalf of the CMHMC, am the Chair of Youth Defending Democracy, am a bilingual volunteer with Crisis Text Line, am the Vice President of the Carroll County NAACP Youth Council, and more here in Westminster!”

Follow along with their exciting initiatives at!

Zach’s Sacks–recipient for November, 2022 from Hey Westminster!

“Zach’s Sacks” from Brooke Haggerty is the November, 2022 winner, from Hey Westminster!

Brooke shares that “Zach’s Sacks is a brand-new organization started in honor of my late son, Zachary Wolfe Pressman. Zachary was tragically killed in a drunk driving crash on February 1, 2016. He was a giver, a lover of all people and one of the kindest souls to walk this earth. To honor him we will fill sacks of all kinds to help those in need. The sack could be a brown bag with water and cookies, it could be a school lunch. It could be luggage for a foster child or a handbag of toiletries or it could be a backpack with socks, t-shirts and underwear. You see, there really is no limit to what a Zach’s Sack can be. It’s all about the love and the connection of one person handing it to another person. Is there anything more precious than connection? Help us to connect to those in need, to those who a sack of love makes all the difference.”

We’re excited to partner with Brooke and her network with our monthly $1,000 grant, to help honor her son’s memory by giving back to youth in our community!

Moonlit Acres–recipient for October, 2022 from Hey Westminster!

Moonlit Acres is our October ’22 winner, from Hey Westminster! Moonlit Acres “provides person-driven recreational and wellness workshops and events. Our innovative approach is to include our guests in planning their own vacation experience focusing on their need for retreat and renewal through fun, engaging, interest-based activities, both on the property and in the community.”

We’re excited to partner with them with our monthly $1,000 grant, to help work on much-needed upgrades to their building.

McDaniel College’s Westminster Welcome–special grant recipient for August 2022 from Hey Westminster and the Kahlert Foundation!

Hey Westminster! is thrilled to announce their biggest collaboration with the Kahlert Foundation, to date! $10,000 went to local business owners to help McDaniel College welcome over 550 new students from all over the world to our town.

Enjoy this video of the Westminster Welcome, featuring appearances from local partners, including Mayor Becker, JeannieBird Baking Company, President Jasken of McDaniel College, and more! ūüé•: GLBAL media

Westminster Community Center–grant recipient for July 2022 from Hey Westminster!

We’re very excited to share our next Kahlert Foundation + Hey Westminster! collaboration! In July, we partnered to give away $5,000 to the Community Center on Union St here in town.

Not only that, but we were joined in the initiative by the incredible team at, who donated a whole day of skilled labor to help demo a floor worn out by over a decade of heavy use from community events. Click the video to learn more and be sure to check out

Healthcare worker appreciation–special post for June, 2022

Health care workers are an incredibly important part of any community. Because Westminster understands this and values this group immensely, we’ve partnered with some AWESOME local businesses to show our appreciation. The flier displayed in the comments below features discounts and perks for healthcare workers good for the entire month of June and the video tribute comes with a BIG HUG from us to all healthcare workers in Westminster and beyond!